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Honeysuckle Health deploys a modern data stack to understand patient risks and deliver tailored healthcare programs


Using Snowflake, dbt and Omnata, Honeysuckle Health were able to build a data foundation for a brand new healthcare platform, and launch the offering in a matter of weeks.

dbt allowed a team of analysts to collaboratively build reusable data models, document their data marts, and measure and track data quality concerns.

Building off this foundation, Honeysuckle Health used Omnata to combine Salesforce Health Cloud and Snowflake, providing clinicians with real time access to over 100M historical patient health records.

"At Honeysuckle Health we have a large and complex health specific data warehouse. dbt allowed us to place data modelling into the hands of the domain experts without having to burden them with technical details and warehouse operations. It has allowed Honeysuckle Health to rapidly build rich and accessible data that supports analytics, reporting and operations."

- Alex Diamond, Senior Data Engineer

About Honeysuckle Health

Established in January 2020 and launched in April 2020, Honeysuckle Health is a joint venture between health insurer nib Group (ASX: NHF) and Cigna (NYSE: CI).

Honeysuckle uses data analytics to understand patient health risks and deliver tailored programs for their customers. The company aims to partner with other healthcare insurers and providers, using data science to improve outcomes for patients across Australia.

"We have been able to integrate tens of millions of records of patient data effortlessly, and launch our healthcare platform in a fraction of the time that traditional approaches take."

- Misael Valdes Triana, Head of Health Program Delivery


Data integration is often the key challenge with building healthcare platforms; bringing health information from disparate systems into a central place so that clinicians can see and understand a patient’s health journey.

Often this results in multi-year projects and large investments in middleware platforms and their configuration.

The Solution

Honeysuckle Health chose a data-centric approach, where de-identified healthcare information was centralised in Snowflake and modelled using dbt. Initially, this enabled data science models to be developed to predict poor health outcomes, to generate candidates to invite to health programs, and to measure the performance of the programs.

With the launch of the health programs, Salesforce Health Cloud was chosen to manage the patient journey. Honeysuckle Health used Omnata to allow historical patient health records to be displayed in real time, directly from Snowflake tables containing over 100M records.

Because Omnata provides a native object integration, this meant that all of the Salesforce Health Cloud features could be leveraged, including the patient timeline view. Additionally, the health records from Snowflake were linked at the record level with the native Salesforce objects, allowing seamless navigation for users.

Patient History is returned in real time from Snowflake

The Result

Using this approach, Honeysuckle Health were able to launch their healthcare platform and begin handling cases in the space of 6 weeks. New features have been added continually since then, in response to feedback from patients and staff.

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