A first of its kind native integration app for Snowflake

A first of its kind native integration app for Snowflake

No infrastructure, more secure and easier to use.

Get started in minutes

Get started in minutes


Install the Omnata Sync Engine native app

Omnata has no infrastructure outside of Snowflake and we don't handle your data or credentials. Visit the Snowflake Marketplace and Install the 30-day free trial. (currently AWS regions only)


Install the Omnata Plugins for the SaaS apps you want to connect to

Plugins are the connectors to your apps and are installed from separate app listings. Plugins are listed by Omnata and are billed when they are in use.

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Follow the product onboarding steps

Omnata's Streamlit UI will guide you through the installation and configuration of the native apps. Following Snowflake's governance framework, you must explicitly grant the app access to perform actions in your account.


Sync data to and from your apps without standalone middleware

Omnata can replace your ETL and Reverse ETL SaaS apps. Pull data into Snowflake for analytics or push modelled data out for consumption in downstream apps.

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

A revolution in data-warehouse integration

Enterprise governance

Built on Snowflake's native app framework, Omnata inherits their platform trust.

No Infrastructure

Omnata Sync runs completely inside your Snowflake account.

No data handling

Faster and easier to get approved - we don't handle your data, ever!

Full record history

Data never leaves your control so you can retain a full copy of sync actions.

No credential storage

We never handle your credentials for the lowest cyber risk.

Simple pricing

Reduce SaaS costs with simple flat pricing per connected endpoint and sync direction.

See it in action

More questions?

More questions?

More questions?