Become data-centric

Modern data warehouses are more capable than ever but data integration has not evolved to the new paradigm.

Legacy integration and middleware is a bottleneck for agile businesses.

It's time to rethink it...

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The benefits of Omnata

Salesforce large data volumes

A new approach to LDV that leverages modern data platforms and adds value to the CRM. Learn more→

Fast and scalable

Supports leading cloud data warehouses - Snowflake, BigQuery with more on the way.

Agile and lightweight

Cut out middleware, stop waiting for integration work and get more from enterprise data platforms.

Handle all data sizes

Cloud apps were not designed to ingest large datasets creating replication challenges

Lower trust requirement

None or minimal data infrastructure to reduce security and vendor assurance overheads.

No more delays

Batch syncs & ETL jobs create a deployment bottleneck. Stay agile and reduce code.

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Case study:

Honeysuckle Health

"We have been able to integrate tens of millions of records of patient data effortlessly, and launch our healthcare platform in a fraction of the time that traditional approaches take."

Misael Valdes Triana, Head of Health Program Delivery

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