New: Omnata Sync for Snowflake

New: Omnata Sync for Snowflake

Coming soon:
Omnata for Snowflake

No-middleware integration for enterprise platforms

Fully native integration apps that are more secure, easier to deploy and help you cut SaaS costs.

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Trusted by

Simplify your data stack

No infrastructure

Connect to you data warehouse and SaaS apps directly. We don't handle or store your data!

More secure

Your data and credentials never leave your control. Reduce cyber risks and gain faster approval.

Reduce SaaS costs

SaaS integration pricing reflects high underlying costs. We pass on the savings of native apps to you.

Fully native data syncs for Snowflake

2-way data syncs

Pull data from and push data to SaaS apps with one tool.

Easier to deploy

Install from the Marketplace into your account and get started in minutes.

Integrate with your stack

Orchestrate with dbt, Coalesce and other data transformation tools.

Full featured and extensible

Omnata Plugins

Out-of-the-box connectors for popular apps

BYO & Custom connectors

Existing open source libraries

Omnata Sync Engine

Embedded UI

Core data sync engine

Data ops, observability & integrations

Snowflake Data Cloud

Security & governance

Native app framework


Get started with Sync

Get started with Sync

Get started with Sync

Live-query integration for Salesforce

Reduce custom development

Pre-configured data warehouse connections and governance features like row-level filtering.

Cut storage costs

Query data on-demand to External Objects without replicating it.

Fast to deploy

Get started in minutes on the AppExchange, no integration expertise required.

Solve high volume and real-time use cases

No bloated custom objects

Don't cram data into awkward custom objects, save on storage costs, increase performance.

No OData middleware

Cut out a config layer, leverage high performance queries & row-level filtering out-of-the-box.

No cyber risks

No infrastructure outside Salesforce makes security approvals a breeze.

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Get started with Connect

Get started with Connect

Get started with Connect