Pull data directly from apps

Connect all your apps

Get started in minutes with out-of-the-box connectors, or, use our framework to build custom.

Scalable pricing

Don't endlessly pay more as data grows. The native app model cuts underlying costs of middleware.

Push data directly to apps

Warehouse native

No data handling infrastructure outside of Snowflake for maximum trust and privacy.

Ultimate security

Data and credentials never leave your control in your Snowflake account.

Get started on the Snowflake Marketplace

Get started on the Snowflake Marketplace

Lightweight and powerful

Native apps deliver more with less by leveraging Snowflake

Embedded native UI

Built on Snowflake Streamlit with all the capabilities of a standalone app.

Full sync capabilities

No-code config, incremental syncs, rate-limit optimisation, and full record change history.

Orchestrate with dbt

Manage data pipelines in your dbt workflow with robust change management.

Flexible and extensible plugins

Connect directly to apps out-of-the-box, using existing libraries & more

Out-of-the-box plugins

Fully optimised and supported 2-way connectors get you started in minutes.

BYO plugins

Omnata's plugin framework works with exsiting open source connector libraries.

Partner plugins

Build custom plugins with our SDK and share directly with customers on Snowflake.

Our customers

Our customers

Our customers

Snowflake Startup Challenge Finalist

Omnata was recognised as a finalist with a host of innovative new companies building fully native apps on Snowflake.

More questions?

More questions?

More questions?