Verified by partners

  • Connect native apps run on platforms you already trust.
  • Apps are built following strict guidelines and are reviewed before listing
  • The Omnata app inherits the security profile of the underlying platform.

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No Omnata infrastructure

  • Connect native apps live-query your cloud data warehouse directly with no middleware.
  • Your data warehouse credentials are stored securely on the destination platform.
  • The live-query user follows the security settings applied in the data warehouse.

Trusted in sensitive sectors

  • The no middleware architecture means there is no added risk for sensitive data.
  • Trusted in healthcare to deliver patient records and pathology results.
    Honeysuckle Health Case Study →
  • Trusted in government and publicly listed enterprises like Vonage Inc.


No data storage

  • Push tasks move data from your data warehouse through our stateless conduit to the destination app.
  • Data is not stored in S3 buckets or replicated to our servers.
  • Push task results are passed back to the data warehouse.

No credential storage

  • The Omnata portal only needs your credentials for the setup process and they can be removed after.
  • The Omnata portal does not query data, it only requires access to the information schema to map fields.
  • Your destination credentials are encrypted as secure SQL function parameters.

No access

  • Push tasks are one-way and initiated by a query in your data warehouse. Omnata does not query it from the outside.
  • The destination credentials are passed through in the function from your data warehouse. These credentials can only be decrypted by Omnata and are never stored by us.