The fastest way to integrate data into Salesforce without replication

Easy to use and preferred by cyber-security teams

Get started in minutes

Get started in minutes


Install the Salesforce App

Omnata has no infrastructure outside of Salesforce. We don't handle your data or credentials. Salesforce sandboxes come with Salesforce Connect already enabled.


Connect directly to your data warehouse

Omnata doesn’t use Odata so there’s no configuration outside of the native app.
Omnata will automatically create and manage Salesforce objects.


Configure objects and views

Omnata’s UI automates the default admin processes and improves the functionality of Salesforce Connect for data warehouse connections.


Integrate millions of records in real-time without replication

Create new views and layouts to deliver large datasets in real-time to your users. Omnata solves the challenges of Salesforce storage and data syncs.

Get started on the AppExchange

Get started on the AppExchange

Get started on the AppExchange

Save time on integration

No specialist integrators

Omnata is designed to be used by Salesforce Admins without in-depth integration experience.

No OData!

Omnata's direct live-queries are more performant and easier to change.

Automated admin steps

We improve and automate the Salesforce admin steps for data warehouse connections.

Schema changes

Schema changes are detected and easily resolved using our no-code UI.

Row-level filting

Govern data access at the query level and filter rows by users or other fields.

Lookups & drilldowns

Create user friendly data structures without code or custom development.

See it in action

Connect, configure and live-query your data warehouse in minutes.

Improve CRM workflows

Data in-context

Deliver real-time data to your Sales and Support teams in their primary workflow.

Millions of records

Large datasets are no longer a problem for CRM objects.

Global search

Use the Salesforce Global Search to return records from your data warehouse.

Lightning components

Don't have Salesforce Connect? Use Lightning Components instead for viewing data.

Simplify user tools

Stop flipping between screens and browser tabs and create a single workflow in Salesforce.

Native reports

Use External Objects in native reports to deliver operational insights in CRM views.

More questions?

More questions?

More questions?