Our Story

Omnata was built from the real-world experience of operationalising analytics and machine learning outputs from Snowflake to Salesforce. We saw the challenges and obstacles from both data-engineering and BI perspectives.

With the modern data stack and the new way of working, we built a better way to get data from the warehouse to operational systems. Our goal is to help our customers prevent last-mile failures and drive real actions with analytics.

Omnata was founded in Australia in the midst of a global pandemic. Fittingly, one of our early customers uses the product to fight the pandemic, delivering COVID test results and contact tracing.

James Weakley

Co-founder & CEO

A software/data engineer with a long history of open source contributions to the analytics community. James is the original creator of Omnata which was built after discovering that an ML dataset would be impossibly large to load to Salesforce.

Chris Chandler

Co-founder, Sales & Marketing

A former Tableau AE who saw the rise of self-service analytics but customers still failing to deliver real business impacts despite a bottomless pit of dashboards. Chris joined Omnata to lead the go-to-market strategy and execution.