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Snowflake to Salesforce with OData

Posted by Chris Chandler | October 13, 2021

The Snowflake IPO in 2020 was fascinating for several reasons. It was the largest software IPO in history, and from a relatively young company (started by ex-Oracle engineers, with only 6 years between launch and IPO). But perhaps more interesting is the significant stake ($250M) that Salesforce Ventures acquired during the listing.

Salesforce's Adam Selipsky, during the announcement, said:

“Data is just moving to the center of so many different organizations. We’re moving to the age of data and analytics ubiquity. And at the end of the day it’s all about empowering employees with data to make better decisions faster.”

Salesforce have been quick to boost Snowflake interoperability in their Tableau CRM product (previously Einstein Analytics), so that the large, insight-rich datasets collected in Snowflake can be analysed by end users.

But for Salesforce CRM and Snowflake, it's a different story that still largely rests on middleware and iPaaS tools.

OData is no longer needed in the new cloud era

OData, and its enabling iPaaS products (Mulesoft, Boomi and others), were built for a pre-Snowflake world of operational data silos. As Snowflake becomes the center of gravity, it means the high cost of anything-to-anything integration styles can be avoided altogether.

Data engineers, using the new wave of tools in the Modern Data Stack, build robust and reliable consolidated datasets, and Snowflake becomes the only source.

For Salesforce, you might have previously built integrations using a middleware platform like Informatica or Jitterbit. But now, with Salesforce Connect and Omnata's native Snowflake connector, these datasets are ready to provide immediate operational value.

A better solution: Omnata & Salesforce Connect

Why is it better?
Technically, it's not OData, making it far more flexible and agile.

Omnata's native Salesforce app queries data directly from Snowflake to External Objects. With no middleware between platforms, it has a lower cost and is easier to get security approval. it's the best option for sensitive data like PII or healthcare.

Learn more about Omnata Connect for Salesforce.

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