Omnata for Zendesk

Data enabled CX & Support

Data centric

Save time integrating point-to-point and connect to the single source of modelled data


Don't be limited by how much data you can sync and store. Live-query millions of records on-demand.

Enable agents

Stop swivel chairing between systems to answer questions about customers and tickets.


Bring operational data to your agents

  • Real-time data integration from Snowflake to Zendesk
  • Reduce security risks and maintenance with no middleware infrastructure
  • Reduce Zendesk storage & API demand with a simple native setup experience

Use cases




SaaS metrics

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Enrich support tickets to drive better actions

  • Simplified Reverse ETL to load customer attributes to Zendesk fields
  • Manage Push tasks centrally with other SQL functions or with dbt
  • Low trust architecture with a simple guided setup

Use cases

Lead scores


Customer attributes

Analytic flags

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