Why Omnata

Modern data platforms have changed the game...


Solving the challenges of unifying customer data and creating a single source of truth


Not limited by compute or storage. Modern data platforms handle live-queries on production tables


New capabilities allow more connectivity and flexibility than ever before

The age of point-to-point integration is over...

🙅 You no longer need to connect to everything
🙅 You don't need to create unique translation logic for each integration
💁‍♂️ Model data in one place for multiple downstream consumers

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🙅 Don't be held captive by API & storage limits
🙅 Don't just make-do with stale aggregations
💁‍♀️ Modern data platforms are built to handle operational live queries

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🙅 You don't need Reverse ETL to be a complex platform
🙅 You shouldn't create another layer of logic & metrics
💁‍♂️ Integration can become just another data pipeline task

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