Customer 360

The modern data stack means you can reduce point-to-point integrations and unify customer data in Snowflake. But how does this data get back to operational systems? Instead of aggregating away valuable insights with data sync tools, give users the full picture.

Omnata is the critical link to Salesforce for:

  • Product licenses, credits & usage
  • Purchase history & transactions
  • Marketing analytics
  • Support case history
  • Demographics

Automate tasks

Your Salesforce CRM already has powerful built-in automation. Instead of a standalone platform, turn Salesforce into a smart application. Use external data to drive automated tasks or actions for your sales, support and customers.

Omnata feeds your workflows:

  • Automate customer emails
  • Follow-up tasks & alerts
  • Lead routing & prioritisation
  • Usage limit reached & tier unlocked
  • Churn warnings & account health

Deploy actionable ML

Empower your team to act on ML insights. Large data sizes and frequent changes make ML deployments unworkable using legacy integration methods. Snowflake eats data-science workloads, Omnata can handle billions of rows, and making changes is simple and fast.

Omnata delivers AI to your CRM:

  • Lead propensity scores
  • Flag customer churn risk
  • Fraud detection
  • Patient outcome predictions
  • Credit scores

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Drive sales initiatives

Quarterly sales cycles mean analytics needs to be agile to keep up. Sales orgs have mere days to adjust strategy and can't be caught waiting for the integration team. Analytics should be embedded in the most important system for sales, the CRM, not hidden in reports.

Omnata enables sales people:

  • Metrics & KPIs
  • Account health
  • Lead prioritisation
  • Discount & pricing history
  • Revenue & commissions

Empower support

Support agents must understand the customer, identify the problem, and act quickly, but the data they need lives all over. Requiring agents to search for information across platforms creates inefficiencies, accrues longer wait times and results in unhappy customers.

Omnata improves customer care:

  • Activity & log data
  • Account status & product flags
  • Jira ticket history
  • KPIs and metrics
  • Customer & case prioritisation


Salesforce Health Cloud is the future of patient-centric healthcare. Despite the promise of FHIR, electronic health records remain difficult to integrate and access.
Omnata simplifies the process, by allowing the patient timeline and records consolidated from many systems in Snowflake to be queried in real time.

Omnata brings data to the health frontlines:

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