SQL Draw is a fun, collaborative game for Coalesce attendees to play in Slack.

Players draw on a bitmap canvas combining their skills in SQL, jinja and cartesian geometry.

We'll be playing through Coalesce week, 6-10 Dec 2021, with prizesπŸ† for the best artworks.

Show off your skills and pick up neat tricks from the community.

How to play in 2 minutes

Join us on Slack


Where you draw and share your artworks


A safe space for general chat, asking questions and sharing techniques.

We'll be posting highlights, updates and hot tips here.

Want the hottest tips & tricks?

Join the secret SQL-art society

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Draw using pre-built shapes

πŸ‘‹ Follow the welcome activity

Build out a farm scene using some basic shapes and pre-built macros.

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πŸ“– Use the cheat sheet

Copy/paste some code snippets and go freestyle.

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Deep dive into how it works

1️⃣ Learn to draw pixel by pixel

It's easy for folks of any skill level.

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2️⃣ From pixels to geometric functions

Create more complex designs and shapes.

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3️⃣ Introducing Jinja

SQL-Draw supports Jinja, so you can build from or incorporate the community's designs into your artwork.

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4️⃣ Contribute to the dbt project

SQL-Draw also has a public dbt project on Github. Submit your artwork as a model, open a Pull Request, and your artwork will be rendered in our public gallery for all to see.

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