How it works

Middleware and Reverse ETL tools do not solve the challenge of integrating large and real-time datasets...
😎 Syncing lead scores or customer attributes to an app is simple.
😬 But syncing millions of transactions, historical orders or error logs is another story.
✌️ Omnata solves these two distinct challenges.

There are two categories of data...

External to app

data does not belong on records of that system
(like transactions in a CRM).

Big data

challenging to replicate with API rate & storage limits


data changes often and must be fresh


data cannot pass through a third party

Belongs in app

data belongs on records of that system
(like a score on a lead record)

Smaller data

can be replicated without hitting API & storage limits

Batch updates

OK to be updated periodically


drive action from changes in data

requiring two different approaches

Connect 🤝

Live-query operational data

✔️ Query tables with millions of records
✔️ Not limited by API or storage quotas
✔️ Real-time results delivered in-context
✔️ No-trust, no third party infrastructure

Push 🤜

Reverse ETL or sync fields

✔️ Push data with SQL directly in Snowflake
✔️ Unlimited usage
✔️ Manage like other data pipeline tasks
✔️ Low-trust architecture

Solve both categories of use cases


SaaS metrics


Health records

Lead scores

Customer attributes


Analytic flags

Reduce data handling risks

Secure by design

Born in health insurance, Omnata minimises risk through product design.

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Verified by partners

Connect native apps pass strict security reviews & approval by the host platform

Trusted in sensitive sectors

Omnata's Connect architecture is trusted by customers handling health & patient data

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