How it works


The needs

  • Sales and service need data in the CRM
  • Data is both analytical outputs and external sources
  • Datasets grow and must be fresh

The challenges

  • Datasets are too big to load to cloud apps
  • Middleware integration tools are complex
  • Deployment and changes are slow

Two native solutions

  • Omnata Connect natively integrates data without moving it. Connect to big data like product and transactions in real-time.
  • Omnata Push simplifies data loads from Snowflake. Push data like lead scores, segmentation & flags.

Managed from one portal

  • Configure and manage direct connections
  • No storage of data or credentials
  • Native to platforms and organisational roles
  • Growing support of sources and destinations

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Snowflake to Salesforce

Uniquely native to Snowflake for all types and sizes of data

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BigQuery to Salesforce

The best way to integrate large and changing datasets

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