Making operational analytics easier

We love dbt and think it's a great product for deploying operational analytics (read more).

We also think more tasks can and should be performed from within modern warehouses.

This is why we open sourced dbt-ml-pipelines which makes building a feature store fast and easy in-database.

dbt packages for Omnata Push

Data-integration can also run from within Snowflake using Omnata Push.

It is now faster and easier than ever using our pre-built packages.

Deploy analytics to Salesforce objects like lead scores, segmentation, warnings and ML outputs.

Why Omnata?

  • A simple and reliable integration from Snowflake to Salesforce
  • Cut the complex middle layer and natively extend the data-pipeline
  • When datasets are too large to replicate, Omnata Connect uses live-queries to return data without loading it

See dbt & Omnata in action

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