Last-mile integration


The needs

  • Sales and service need data in the CRM
  • Data is both analytical outputs and external sources
  • Datasets grow and must be fresh

The challenges

  • Datasets are too big to load to Salesforce
  • Existing integration tools are complex
  • Deployment and changes are slow

The solution

  • Omnata Push loads smaller datasets with a native function in Snowflake. from Snowflake
  • Omnata Connect live-queries larger datasets to Salesforce External Objects without limits.
  • Together, they solve the full range of last-mile data integration use cases, from analytical outputs like lead scores to real-time product or transactional data.

Pushing data is easy as copy-paste

Reliably deploy lead scores, churn warnings, contact enrichment & more. (Watch: 20 seconds)

Query datasets without loading

Easily integrate big data like historical orders, product analytics, IoT, transactions. (Watch: 20 seconds)

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