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Salesforce and your ERP - Better with Snowflake

Posted by James Weakley | January 18, 2022

Any company using an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, whether it's Sage, Oracle, SAP or another, knows how deeply embedded in the organisation they become. After a while, even business processes tend to mirror the way the system behaves instead of the other way around.

This interwovenness means that they are inherently slow to evolve - there's too much effort and risk in changing the way they work. But this reality should not impact your digital transformation ambitions - your ERP can continue to perform critical business functions while faster-changing customer interaction workloads are handled by Salesforce.

But how?

In the past 5 years, cloud data warehouses have grown rapidly in popularity - especially Snowflake, who in 2020 underwent the largest software company IPO in history. What this trend means, is that large enterprises are seeing the value in centralising their data outside of key production systems. The reason is that it's so much faster and easier to consolidate, enrich, and build predictions once it's there.

This is not just good news for analytics and reporting teams. IT integration projects are no longer large, multi-year behemoths. Using Salesforce Connect, CRM systems can directly access ERP data in real-time from Snowflake.

Omnata customers have pioneered this new pattern of adoption, via our Omnata Connect product, available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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