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Omnata Push now supports Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Posted by Chris Chandler | May 10, 2021

We first released Omnata Push for Salesforce CRM early in 2021 on the back of Snowflake making external functions GA.

Omnata Push is what we think the future of data integration architectures should look like. Direct integrations with a minimal middle layer; Smart Pumps, Dumb Pipes (read more).

To start using Push, you simply copy/paste the functions and then use the drop-down query builder to create Push tasks that run from Snowflake. The results of the Push task are returned to Snowflake so that you can build failure and retry logic. If you’re a dbt user, we have pre-built packages that you can use to manage incremental loads and automate tasks. Best of all, there’s no middleware to set up, no buckets to dump to, and no cron jobs.

The integration pattern has been proven in the real-world and we're expanding our support to other parts of the Salesforce ecosystem with Marketing Cloud.

Marketing Cloud

The challenge of warehouse-to-app integration is that each destination has architectural and functional nuances to consider. After research with Marketing Cloud experts and existing platform users, we've optimised how the Push function works to fit this. We discovered that the FTP is the best way handle ingesting data and the API to drive actions; Omnata makes use of both of these.

It’s now in public preview and if you’re interested in trying it, get in touch or hit the chat ↘

If you’d like to see some other application supported, let us know here.

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