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Omnata Push is now GA

Posted by James Weakley | February 11, 2021

This week saw a game-changing feature of Snowflake become Generally Available: External Functions.

If a cloud-native data warehouse wasn’t already unique for its deployment model and scaling capabilities, this is where we start to see it combine powers with the other infrastructure it shares the cloud with.

We've already seen many examples, including geospatial information being fetched, machine learning scoring, a fake data generator, and many other examples.

One of the questions Omnata was originally founded on, was “why can’t cloud platforms just talk directly to each other?”

So we figured out a way for Salesforce to talk directly to Snowflake, without intrusive middleware. This original feature, Omnata Connect, solves a big problem, “I’ve got big datasets in Snowflake that my users need, but it’s not feasible to load and store this data in Salesforce”. It is inevitable that people will reach this at some point, whether it’s for product data, machine learning outputs, or historical transactions.

However, it does make sense to load data where it is small enough to fit in Salesforce and periodic updates will suffice. After experimenting with External Functions, we saw an opportunity to let Snowflake talk directly to Salesforce and dramatically simplify the data load process. Instead of a middle tool, Omnata Push makes data loads and simple as a copy/paste run from within Snowflake.

But wait, there’s more... It gets interesting when you combine Connect and Push.

Push can also be used to trigger Salesforce platform events based on changed data in Snowflake, meaning you can deploy smart automation. For example, an order status in Snowflake changes from ‘confirmed’ to ‘shipped’, fetch the information about the order and send the customer an email. The possibilities are broad, all while leveraging native capabilities of the source and destination platforms.

Omnata Push is now generally available in all AWS cloud regions and available to free trial .

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