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Omnata's new integration portal

Posted by Chris Chandler | May 10, 2021

This week we released the Omnata integration portal to public preview.

Previously, Omnata has run from within Salesforce but we have now introduced a standalone portal to support Omnata Push destinations outside of Salesforce and create a more unified setup experience.

At Omnata, we create direct integrations from data warehouses to applications that run natively wherever possible. As such, the portal just looks after the setup and deployment of these connections. It works differently to middleware or ETL tools, and works better than 'Reverse ETL' tools (read more).

Omnata Push tasks use Snowflake external functions to load data to destination applications. Instead of storing your credentials permanently and requiring access to your data warehouse, data transfer is initiated by your own data pipeline. Omnata simply provides a conduit to your cloud apps. It is the easiest way to load data from warehouse-to-app.

The portal guides you through the set up of your source warehouse and destination app, making it easy to get started without platform expertise. It now supports Push tasks from Snowflake to Salesforce CRM, Marketing Cloud and is integrated with our dbt packages.

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No platform expertise required

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